The time of holiday has come, and the question arises again: should I take a break from workout on vacation? What can be meant by a�?the breaka�?? Is every break a bad idea? Herea��s more on how to plan your workout cycle on vacation to stay in shape and gain the most from your holiday both mentally and physically.

Define the a�?breaka�?

Firstly, let us get some things straight: the break in workout should never be understood as lying and doing nothing for all your holiday. If by the break you mean that, then yes: such a break is a bad idea, as your body will stagnate: your metabolism will slow down, your hormonal balance can be disturbed, and your muscles will get out of shape, even if your vacation is no more than just a week.

But if only you know what a beneficial break in workout can in fact be, you can make your holiday more beneficial in terms of both physical and mental shape. A basic thing to understand is the difference between the vacation at work and the vacation in workout. The holiday in work usually means that we simply do not work. The holiday in workout should not be seen in the same way, as we already established. So what do we do to take a break that is beneficial?

How to make your break good?

The secret of every good vacation is change. For a couple weeks, we change the environment, we change our center of focus a�� note that that works for vacation from work, as well. So if you feel like you need a short break from workout, think of what you do every day, and try to change that for the couple of weeks.

If you usually go to the gym to work out, use the summer weather and try some outdoors activities instead. Thata��s especially a good idea when youa��re away from home. Spend some time on cardio workout and stretching. This way youa��ll let the muscles rest a little, but you will still keep the body active.

If youa��re afraid that your strength will decrease for the couple of weeks, try some bodyweight training and HIIT. These can be quite intense and will keep your strength on the right level, but at the same time they will make the change from what you usually do.

If youa��re on a holiday with your friends and family, think of way you can have fun together and be active at the same time. This could be cycling, roller skating, rowing, swimming, trekking, playing all the games which can be played outdoors, and many, many others. The only hint is to do what you enjoy doing to spend some good amount of energy.

Additionally, if you have a chance, you can serve yourself some biological regeneration procedures. For instance, think of massage and relaxing baths. These could be done even if youa��re spending your holiday at home.

Why a good break isn’t a bad idea?

In other words, why is the change beneficial? Physically speaking, the muscle groups and joints you usually use in a more or less specific way, will get some break from the routine. Instead, they will work differently, letting other muscle groups be more involved a�� and thata��s the basis of a fine, active recovery. And when you come back to your routine after the holiday, you will discover some fresh energy resources, so it will be easier to progress.

Mentally speaking, youa��ll get some new motivation: (a) right away a�� to do things that you havena��t been doing for a long time, or ever before; (b) after the holiday a�� you will be surprised how great it may feel to get back to the familiar environment and workout cycle after such a recovery break.

5 Golden Rules of a Beneficial Holiday Break in Workout:

  • Do not stop working out a�� stay active.

  • Make the vacation count a�� let yourself for a change from the usual workout environment and the everyday routine.

  • Work out having fun a�� do the things that bring you joy and let you stay active at the same time.

  • Relax the body and the mind a�� try some biological regeneration procedures.

  • Don’t worry about the results a�� remember that the break is going to bring you some new energy to progress when you come back from holiday.

So that’s pretty much it! The vacation that really counts is the vacation that lets you charge the batteries for later. Your body’s batteries don’t charge if you are doing nothing. Being active allows you a better recovery both physically and mentally. So don’t take a break from being fit!

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The sports soul and the alleged specialist in words of The main 52C Blog writer. A diligent student at the English Department of the University of Wroclaw, majoring in applied linguistics. An ex-acrobat and aerobic gymnast with the 13-year long experience in „training for winning”. A multiple medallist of Poland nationals in acrobatic gymnastics, and academic nationals in aerobic gymnastics. A fan of gymnastics of every existing type. Personally, finds making everyday choices in a healthy lifestyle even more demanding a challenge than making everyday sacrifices in the athlete’s lifestyle.