At first glance, that may sound like an odd idea. What’s the purpose of recording yourself working out? Well, actually that is a common practice in professional sports. The best athletes and coaches record workout performance to analyze it afterwards and use the knowledge for improvement. If that’s what the best do, why shouldn’t you? Even if you work out just for fitness, and not for competition, you still work out for results.

Find out your mistakes

Everyone thinks they are doing everything as it should be done… Until they see themselves on a video. We are often not aware of the mistakes we do. I’m saying this from my very own experience – you’ll be surprised how many things can be improved in your workout performance.

Hips too high, head too low, there’s no 90 degrees between your arms and elbows, shoulders go up to early, so that the body is not in one line as it’s supposed to be – and that’s just a basic push up. And what about more complicated movements?

Watching yourself work out may be surprisingly annoying. You are able to see your mistakes, and that’s not very pleasant, trust me. Especially if before you were 100% sure that you’re doing everything right. Yet, finding out the mistakes is the first step to eliminating them and thus improving your results.

Improve your performance for better results

Recording yourself once is not enough to eliminate the mistakes. Make short movies of particular exercises or record the whole sessions and be sure to check them out afterwards. See what you’re doing wrong, get rid of the mistakes you weren’t even aware of making before and virtually improve your performance.

Better performance means:

  • lack of possible injuries
  • less effort
  • better results in shorter time

So if you’re experiencing a plateau in your progress, before you change your routine or start taking extra supplements and steroids, check if you maintain proper form during exercise. That’s a simple procedure which can actually bring more than you would expect.

Track your progress

Such stock of videos is a great addition to your regular workout log. It allows more thorough and easier analysis, better backed-up conclusions, and more conscious decisions about developing your workout routine. Additionally, watching how your body changes over time may be a powerful motivational boost.

What are ‘before-and-after’ photos in comparison to a movie! The visual effects are one thing, but another is your actual strength, explosive power, and stamina – and those you won’t be able to see on the pictures. A movie gives you more complete info about your workout process. It’s not just to show off. It’s for constant improvement.

To sum up

If you never tried this, it’s high time you do. There’s nothing to lose. On the other hand, you can gain a lot. No matter if you’re working out at the gym, or exercising at home. No matter if whether you’re lifting weights, boxing, doing basic calisthenics or yoga. In any kind of training, technique is more important than you might assume.

Grab your camera, tablet, or smartphone and shoot some short videos during your next session. If you’re not sure what’s the proper form of an exercise, find some tutorials online and compare your performance with those. Drop a comment under this post if you’ll find some surprising things about yourself and your workout.

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