If you want to start regular exercising at home but you don’t really know how – start with us. We’re going to add one exercise a day for 6 days of the week.

You’ll do something new every day, and every day you’ll do a little bit more. Then take a one-day break for regeneration and start the next week. Week by week, take little steps to be active on a daily basis. You’ll know what to do.

This is the complete final Week 52. 

For the final 10 weeks of our 52-week challenge, we combine the best exercises from Weeks 1-42 into full-body routines. You’re more than welcome to join us here. You might also want to check out the complete routines of the previous weeks.

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Week 52: Saturday


  1. General warm-up 3 min.
  2. Dynamic stretching 3 min.
  3. GRASSHOPPERS 4 x 30 sec.
  4. rest 15 sec.
  5. LYING FROG KICKS 2 x 30 sec.
  6. rest 15 sec.
  7. BODYWEIGHT LAT PULL-UP (lvl 2) 2 x 30 sec.
  8. rest 15 sec.
  9. TOWEL SIDE SPLIT 4 x 30 sec.
  10. rest 15 sec.
  11. INNER THIGH LEG LIFTS 4 x 30 sec.
  12. rest 15 sec.
  13. HAND WALK OUT WITH PUSH-UP 2 x 30 sec.

Set your REC IT on: Work: 30 sec. Rest: 15 sec. Rounds: 18

The first exercise

GRASSHOPPERS – a whole-body exercise. First do a 3-minute general warm-up and some dynamic stretching. Next, get into the starting push-up position, put your feet a little closer to your hands and bend the knees (the body is still supported only by the toes and hands). Take your right leg under your core to the left, close to your left hand. Go back to the starting position, and take your left leg to the right hand. Keep a nice pace, and as you master the movement you can speed up a little. Do 4 series of grasshoppers, 30 seconds each with 15-second breaks in between.

Here’s a short video tutorial by SalthePTC – thanks a lot!

The second exercise

LYING FROG KICKS – a very nice exercise to tone our inner thighs, glutes, and abs at the same time! Lie on your back, the arms on the floor along the torso. cYou can also put your hands under your glutes, if you like. The legs, straight in knees, above the ground (preferably 45 degrees, so that your lower abs work best). Keep your heels together, but direct your toes out. Bend your knees, keep them as wide as you can, the heels still together, and push back. Keep going for 30 seconds, take a short break, and go for another 30.

We’ve got a helpful video tutorial by Howcast – many thanks!

The third exercise 

BODYWEIGHT LAT PULL-UP (lvl 2) – for upper back. We level up with the fantastic bodyweight lat pull up without any gym equipment! All we’re going to need for this one is two chairs. Sit on the floor between the two chairs (the seats directed towards you). Put your forearms on the seats, keep your knees straight this time, and the feet on the ground. By tensing your shoulders and upper back, go up so that the hips are lifted off the floor. Hold for a second, go back down and repeat. Perform 2 series of 30 seconds.

Thanks again to TheGarageWarrior for this brilliant exercise – today perform only the level-two version.

The fourth exercise

TOWEL SIDE SPLIT – a great full-body exercise. We’re going to use two towels for this one, as the name suggests. Put two little towels or cloths on the floor, stand on them – one foot on one towel. Start in a deep squat position with your hands on the ground in front of you. Twist your body to the left and extend the left arm up. Split the legs, so that the right leg goes to the front and the left one goes all the way behind your back. Go back to the center. Keep going for 30 seconds, then switch sides, and repeat the whole series (the total of 4 rounds, two on each side).

Many thanks to Hard Candy Fitness for this one!

The fifth exercise

INNER THIGH LEG LIFTS – we’re focusing on our inner thighs. Lie on your right side and prepare for the today’s exercise. Lean your right forearm against the floor, put your left leg bent in knee in front of the right one. The right leg lying straight on the floor goes up, and down – keep your right foot flex. Take 30 seconds for the right leg, switch sides and repeat the whole series (the total of 4 rounds, 2 on each side).

Thanks to this short tutorial by Howcast we know exactly what to do.

The sixth exercise

HAND WALK OUT WITH PUSH-UP – for strong arms, but our back and core will work too at the same time. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Bend forward keeping your legs straight, put your hands on the floor as close to your feet as you can. Taking a few steps forward with your hands, pass into the push-up position (the feet don’t move at all). Do one push-up and walk back with your hands to the downward dog position to stand back up. Repeat for 30 seconds at an even pace, keep your core tensed all the time.

Here’s how to do it right – thanks redwoodgirlslacrosse!

See on the video, to make sure if the knees were straight all the time and if the hips were at the right level in the push-up.

We’ve just completed our 52-week home workout challenge! Congratulations to all those who were exercising regularly.

And don’t worry if you joined us in the middle of the challenge – we’re starting all over on Monday. Join us and keep working out at home regularly!

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