If you want toA�start regular exercising at homeA�but you dona��t really know how a��A�start with us. Wea��re going to add one exercise a dayA�for 6 days of the week.

Youa��ll doA�something new every day, and every day youa��llA�do a little bit more. Then take aA�one-day break for regenerationA�and start the next week. Week by week,A�take little stepsA�to beA�active on a daily basis. Youa��ll know what to do.

This is Day 5 ofA�Week 51.A�

For theA�final 10 weeksA�of our 52-week challenge,A�we combine the best exercisesA�from Weeks 1-42 intoA�full-body routines.A�You’re more than welcome to join us here.A�You might also want to check outA�theA�complete routinesA�of the previous weeks.

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Week 51: Friday


  1. General warm-upA�3 min.
  2. Dynamic stretchingA�3 min.
  3. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERSA�4 x 30 sec.
  4. rest 15 sec.
  5. BUTT BURNOUTA�4 x 30 sec.
  6. rest 15 sec.
  7. KNEELING SUPERMANA�4 x 30 sec.
  8. rest 15 sec.
  9. NORDIC HAMSTRINGA�2 x 30 sec.
  10. rest 15 sec.
  11. SCISSOR ROLLA�2 x 30 sec.

Set yourA�REC ITA�on:A�Work: 30 sec.A�Rest: 15 sec.A�Rounds: 16

The first exercise

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERSA�a�� Week 51 starts with a superb classic. Ita��s mainly for the lower body muscles, the calves, quads and hamstrings, especially, but involves the whole body and increases our speed. As youa��ve done the warm-up with dynamic stretching, get into the push up position. Put your right leg bent in knee up to your stomach, go back, do the same with the left one, go back, and repeat. As you master the movement, try to speed up a little bit for a nice dynamic pace of the exercise. Do 4 rounds, 30 seconds each.

An invaluably helpful tutorial from livestrong, as the description may be not enough. Many thanks for this one.

The second exercise

BUTT BURNOUTA�a�� for the glutes.A�Lie on the floor, face down. Twist your hips to lie on your right hip a�� the chest doesna��t twist, however. Your knees are directed to the left, but your face is directed forward. Keep the knees bent a little, you may put a ball, or a pillow between your left calf and hamstring (but ita��s ok if you dona��t). Lift the left knee up, as high as you can, hold for a second and go back down. You should feel your glutes and the outer side of the hip burning. After 30 seconds switch sides, and then repeat the whole series (the total of 4 rounds, two on each side).

Thanks to FITNESS Magazine for another great video tutorial.

The third exerciseA�

KNEELING SUPERMANA�a�� to strengthen your back and core. Kneel on both knees, put your hands on the ground in front of you, so that the whole body is based on the knees and the arms a�� the shoulders in one line with the hands, the bottom in one line with the knees, the back in line parallel to the ground. At the same time lift the right arm up front and the left leg up straight to back, hold for one second, go back to the starting position, and lift the other arm simultaneously with the other leg. Again, hold for a second, and go back to the starting position. Continue for 30 seconds, do four rounds total.

Here’s a short movie by Kiss Fitness so you know what to do.

The fourth exercise

NORDIC HAMSTRINGA�a��A�for toned hamstrings and slim thighs. Youa��ll need a bed, heavy sofa, or a closet for this one if therea��s no one around who could hold your feet. Also, make sure you do it on a soft ground a�� a mat would be great. Kneel with your back to the sofa, and put your feet underneath.

ExtendA�your arms up front, brace your abs and glutes and keep your body in one line from the knees to the top of your head. Lean forward as slowly as you can, and as low as you can, holding the body in one line. Do a push-up to bounce back to the kneeling position a�� with your body still nice and tight. Dona��t rush with this one! Perform two series, 30 seconds each.

Herea��s a great demonstration video by MarkSandC a�� hea��s lucky enough to do this by the wall bars!

The fifth exercise

SCISSOR ROLLA�A�a�� an amazing exercise for the abs.A�Lie on your back. Bend the legs and hold them right under the knees. Roll back in this position, and as you roll up, extend the legs to a kind of V-sit, just with one leg higher than the other. Roll back again, and this time switch the positioning of the legs as you extend. Keep going for 2 rounds, 30 seconds each, switching the legs each time.

Many thanks to FITNESS Magazine for this great move and even greater movie!

Watch your workout video to make sure your legs weren’t too high off the ground when extended. Pay attention to the upper back a�� make sure ita��s nice and straight in the scissor v-sit.

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