If you want toA�start regular exercising at homeA�but you dona��t really know how a��A�start with us. Wea��re going to add one exercise a dayA�for 6 days of the week.

Youa��ll doA�something new every day, and every day youa��llA�do a little bit more. Then take aA�one-day break for regenerationA�and start the next week. Week by week,A�take little stepsA�to beA�active on a daily basis. Youa��ll know what to do.A�

This is Day 5 of Week 45.A�

For theA�final 10 weeksA�of our 52-day challenge,A�we combine the best exercisesA�from Weeks 1-42 intoA�full-body routines.A�You’re more than welcome to join us here.A�You might also want to check outA�theA�complete routinesA�of the previous weeks.

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Week 45: Friday


  1. General warm-upA�3 min.
  2. Dynamic stretchingA�3 min.
  3. CURTSY KICKA�4 x 30 sec.
  4. rest 15 sec.
  5. SCAPULA PUSH-UPSA�2 x 30 sec.
  6. rest 15 sec.
  7. SEATED KNEE TUCKSA�4 x 30 sec.
  8. rest 15 sec.
  9. CHAIR HAMSTRING CURLA�2 x 30 sec.
  10. rest 15 sec.
  11. DOWN-TO-UPA�2 x 30 sec.

Set yourA�REC ITA�on:A�Work: 30 sec.A�Rest: 15 sec.A�Rounds: 14

The first exercise

CURTSY KICKA�a�� this 45th week of our challenge starts with the curtsy kick a�� a fantastic exercise toA�tone the legsA�andA�glutesA�plus theA�core. Dona��t forget to warm up and stretch a little before you start. Stand with yourA�feet hip-width apart, the knees bent a little.A�Lean forwardA�to put yourA�hands on the floor. Reach with theA�right foot back diagonally to the left, bend your left knee a little bit and thenA�kick with the right foot to the right. Continue kicking with the same leg forA�30 seconds. Change legs for another set, and repeat the whole series (the total ofA�4 sets, 2 on each leg).

Herea��s a great tutorial by FitnessMagazine a��A�thank you so much for that!

The second exercise

SCAPULA PUSH-UPSA�a��A�something for nicely shapedA�upper backA�andA�shoulders. Get into theA�push-up position. Keep those elbows straight, work only with your shoulders.A�Squeeze the shoulder blades togetherA�(shoulders go down), andA�extend them backA�(shoulders go up). PerformA�2 series of 30 seconds.

Wea��ve got this one thanks to stroutman81 a��A�thanks a lot!

The third exerciseA�

SEATED KNEE TUCKA�a��A�forA�sculpted abs. Sit with your legs together and straight in knees. TheA�hands on the floorA�beside your hips. Lift yourA�feet a few inches above the groundA�and lean your back backwards.A�As you tuck, the chest goes upA�to the bending knees. Go back to the starting position without touching the ground with your legs. The hands may be lying on the ground all the time. PerformA�4 series, 30 secondsA�each.

Here’s a short demonstartion by OracleFitness a�� thanks a lot!

The fourth exercise

CHAIR HAMSTRING CURLA�a��A�a clever home exercise forA�slim legsA�andA�toned hamstrings. Lie on your backA�on the floorA�and put yourA�heels on the seat of a rolling chairA�(or a towel on the floor). Raise your hips a little,A�bend your kneesA�while raising the hips and pulling the chair (or the towel) closer to you.A�Extend the legs back, but dona��t let the hips touch the floor. Go forA�2 seriesA�ofA�30 seconds.

Herea��s a great demonstration video by MobileNetWorkOut a�� thanks for this one!

The fifth exercise

DOWN-TO-UPA�a��A�another exercise which makes workA�more than one muscle group. Get into theA�downward dogA�position: the hands and theA�whole feet on the ground, theA�hips up, the knees and elbows straight. Without moving your hands and feet,A�go to the high plank positionA�(your shoulders may be in front of your hands line in this one), hold for 2 seconds,A�lay your hips on the groundA�and raise your chest.A�Go back to the starting position the same way. Repeat. Perform 2 series, 30 seconds each.

Herea��s a perfect demonstration by CASSAL TRAINING a�� thanks for this one!

Watch your workout movie and see how high you were able to raise the arms.

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