If you want to start regular exercising at home but you don’t really know how – start with us. We’re going to add one exercise a day for 6 days of the week.

You’ll do something new every day, and every day you’ll do a little bit more. Then take a one-day break for regeneration and start the next week. Week by week, take little steps to be active on a daily basis. You’ll know what to do. 

This is Day 4 of Week 13. You’re more than welcome to join us here. You might also want to check out the complete routines of Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11, and Week 12.

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Week 13: Thursday


  1. General warm-up 3 min.
  2. Dynamic stretching 3 min.
  3. CRAB WALK 2 x 30 sec.
  4. rest 10 sec.
  5. DIAGONAL CURL-UPS 4 x 30 sec.
  6. rest 10 sec.
  7. BOOTSRAPPER 2 x 30 sec.
  8. rest 10 sec.
  9. ROLLING PLANK & KNEE TUCK 2 x 30 sec.

The first exercise:

CRAB WALK. Traditionally, warm up for several minutes and do some dynamic stretching. Then, sit down on the floor with your knees bent, the feet firmly leaned against the floor, the arms behind the hips, the hands on the ground. Raise your hips, and keep the chest high. Go forward and backward as far as your room lets you. Keep crab walking for 30 seconds, take 10 seconds break and continue for another 30. The whole body works in this one and the heart rate really bumps up!

Here’s a great 30-second tutorial by 3v – thanks a lot.

The second exercise:

DIAGONAL CURL-UPS – great for abdominals, especially the obliquesLay back with your legs bent in knees. Put your left ankle on your right knee, keep your hands just beside your temples. Lift your upper-back curling up diagonally: the right elbow to the left knee. Obviously, the knee and the elbow won’t meet, as your lower back should be lying on the ground all the time. Keep going for 30 seconds curling up to the left knee, then alternate the legs, and curl up diagonally to the right knee for 30 seconds. Next, repeat the whole series (the total of four 30-second series, 2 for each side).

Here’s some visual advice by Truestar Health – thanks for that!

The third exercise: 

BOOTSTRAPPER – for our glutes and hamstrings. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, lean your upper-body forward and put your hands on the ground – keep your legs straight in knees and heels on the ground. Go down to a deep squat on toes by bending your knees without changing the position of the hands. Go back up. Perform 2 series, 30 seconds each.

MyFitIn3 shows us how to do it – many thanks!

The fourth exercise:

ROLLING PLANK WITH KNEE TUCK – a multi-beneficial exercise for the shoulders, core and abs. Get into the starting push-up positionroll your body to the left and raise your right arm; tuck with your right knee up to your stomach. Go back to the starting position and turn to the right lifting your left arm to tuck with your left leg. Continue alternating sides for 30 seconds. Then take 10 seconds break, and perform another 30-second series.

Yet another great tutorial by 3v – thank you!

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