Therea��s hardly anyone who wouldn’t like a slim waist and nicely toned side muscles of the core. Right next to a well-balanced diet and fat burning workout, shaping exercises are the key to the fitness goal of many. Herea��s another portion of inspiration for an obliques workout.

All of the exercises presented below do not require any special gym equipment or weights. They can be done at home, either as a separate workout session or a nice addition to the gym training.

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A variation of a classic a�� side burpees. Burn fat and work the side abdominals at the same time.

Get ready in the standing position, the feet hip-width apart. 1 a�� squat down to put your hands on the ground, but put them a bit to the right, 2 a�� the legs jump to the left, to a kind of twisted plank position, 3 a�� the legs jump back to the center, 4 a�� jump up lifting your arms.

Repeat the sequence for 30 seconds jumping left and right alternatingly. Rest and repeat as many times as you need.


Thata��s a slightly more advanced level of exercise. Designed especially to work the side core muscles.
Lie on your side, and lean on your forearm against the floor. Keep your knees straight, one foot on the other. Lift both your feet up, hold for a second, and go back down. Perform two 30-second series for each side (the total of 4 series).

Tip: Keep your belly in, the abs and the glutes braced all the time.


Wea��re going to use the Swiss ball for this one. And wea��ll need a wall, a tree, or stall bars a�� when at the gym.

Lie with your side on the ball, put your feet on the floor close to the wall, so that they are blocked. Move your upper body up and down to the sides, engaging your obliques. Perform a round of 30 seconds on each side, and then repeat as many times as needed.


Invaluable exercise for a strong core a�� and especially obliques. It may look easy, but ita��s not.

Sit with your legs bent in knees. Lift your legs a few inches off the ground a�� the feet and knees together, and hold them still in this position. Your back should be straight and up, but leant a little bit backwards. The hands together just in front of your chest. Twist your chest left and right a�� the head stays still, look straight ahead.

Do the Russian twists for 30 seconds and repeat the round as many times as you need.

And thata��s the 8 top bodyweight exercises for the obliques. Adjust the length of rounds and the number of series to the individual needs and capabilities. Remember that regularity is one of the crucial factors on the way to fitness achievement.

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