A slim waist and nicely toned side muscles of the core is the goal of many. The secret of perfectly shaped obliques lies in a combination of three crucial factors: a well-balanced diet, fat burning, and toning exercises. If youa��re looking for an inspiration for an obliques workout, here are several ideas definitely worth trying.

All of the exercises presented below do not require any special gym equipment or weights. They can be done at home, either as a separate workout session or a nice addition to the gym training.


A whole body exercise which will definitely bump our heart rate up a�� which is great for losing the fatty tissue wea��ve got around the waist. The side jumps additionally engage the obliques.

Get to the starting push-up position (sometimes also called plank) a�� the whole body in one line supported only on your hands and toes. The hands are extended shoulders-width apart, and the feet are together. Jump and pull your bent legs to your left side, just next to the left arm, jump back to the center, and jump again pulling your bent legs to the right side.

Repeat the side jumps alternating sides for 30 seconds. Rest and repeat as many times as you need.


Another great full-body exercise with a nice pressure to the side muscles of the core. Wea��re going to use two towels for this one, as the name suggests.

Put two little towels or cloths on the floor, stand on them a�� one foot on one towel. Start in a deep squat position with your hands on the ground in front of you. Twist your body to the left and extend the left arm up. Split the legs, so that the right leg goes to the front and the left one goes all the way behind your back. Go back to the center.

Keep going for 30 seconds, then switch sides. Rest and repeat the whole series as many times as you need.


A simple yet challenging exercise to nicely tone the abs and obliques.

Lie on your back. Bend your knees 90 degrees, and lift the feet off the ground a�� 90 degrees between the hamstrings and the floor. Keep the hands beside your temples. As you crunch, twist both the upper body and the hips towards each other. Switch sides with each crunch.

Perform a round of 30 seconds. Rest and repeat as many times as you need.


Probably everyone knows the side plank. This dynamic variations is grate not only for the side musclesa�� endurance, but also for shaping.

Lie on your side, lean on your forearm against the floor. Put the top leg in front of the bottom one, or one on the other. Lift your hips up, so that the whole body is supported only on the elbow and the feet. Lower the hips but dona��t let them touch the floor. Raise the hips back up as far as you can. Go on with the side plank dips for 30 seconds at an even pace.

Then, lie on the other side, take a short break, and do the dips working out your other side, also for 30 seconds. Repeat the series as many times as needed.

Thata��s it for now, but make sure you wona��t miss another four of the Top 8 Exercises for the Obliques.

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