In Vol. 1 of Pyramid Challenge we focused the legs and abs. This time we’ve got something for the arms and glutes. You dona��t need any gym equipment for this workout. All you need is your body weight and a little space at home. Discover the simple and effective routine that will keep you motivated on your way to a perfectly shaped body.

STEP 1 a�� Whata��s the pyramid workout?

Shortly speaking, ita��s an arrangement of sets and reps which gives you a motivational boost while you exercise. This way you can do more reps with higher intensity. In each set you do one rep less than in the previous one. Additionally, in the pyramid wea��re going to do here, two exercises will be combined. When one muscle group will be working, the other will be resting at the same time a�� but we wona��t be resting till the end of the pyramid.

In this particular pyramid wea��re going to combine two exercises as follows:

  • 10 reps of an exercise for the glutes
  • 10 reps of an exercise for the arms
  • 9 reps of an exercise for the glutes
  • 9 reps of an exercise for the arms
  • 8 reps of an exercise for the glutes
  • 8 reps of an exercise for the arms
  • 7 reps of an exercise for the glutes
  • 7 reps of an exercise for the arms

a�� and so on down to

  • 1 rep of an exercise for the glutes
  • 1 rep of an exercise for the arms

More about possible pyramid exercise arrangements in Why You Should Try Pyramid Training >>

STEP 2 a�� How to combine exercises in the pyramid?

As ita��s been already said in Vol. 1 of the Pyramid Challenge, the key of a well-arranged pyramid is quick transition between the exercises. Additionally, the exercises should be combined in such a way that allows one muscle group rest while another is working.

STEP 3 a�� The exercises for the Slim arms & Toned Glutes Pyramid

Here are two pyramid combinations to perform interchangeably for four days of the week. Make sure you do a general warm-up and some dynamic stretching each time before you start. Don’t take any breaks until you finish the whole pyramid. The intensity is A�an important factor in this workout.


FROG LEGS a��A�great for the glutes and hamstrings. The core will be working, too! Lie on your stomach. Put your knees wide to the sides, but keep your legs bent, so that your feet are up together. The hands may lie out, or under your chin. The chest is lying on the floor all the time. Lift those knees up by tensing the glutes and hamstrings, hold for one or two seconds, and go back down.

Herea��s a detailed tutorial by Power Core Fitness a�� thank you for this one!

DIAMOND PUSH-UPS a�� perfect for those who highly value toned triceps. Get to the starting push-up position. You may of course go down to your knees if youa��re not as advanced in push-ups a�� but remember, the hamstrings, glutes and the back should be in one line. Put your hands close together, so that your thumbs and fingers form a reversed diamond form a�� this way the focus in on the triceps. Go down by bending the elbows a�� the chest should be right above the hands. Push back up.

Thanks to Howcast for the video a�� listen to Brett, cause he knows what hea��s talking about.


CHAIR RUSSIAN DANCE a��A�full body exercise with a nice pressure for the triceps. Wea��re going to need a bench or a chair for this one. Put the chair by the wall, so ita��s stable. Sit on the chair, hands on the seat, fingers directed forward. Put the feet one step forward, so that the hips are in front of the seat, and you support the upper body only by the arms. The legs are slightly bent in knees. Bend the elbows putting the right foot up and forward, straightening the knee, push up and go back to the starting position, supporting the body on the hands and the left foot. Push down again, keep going with the same leg for the whole pyramid.

Herea��s a great demonstration by Koom Studio a�� many thanks for this one!

CURTSY LUNGES a��A�a great exercise to slim our legs and tone our glutes. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms slightly bent (like when running). Squatting on your right leg, take the left foot back and all the way to the right, so that your left knee is behind the right one as youa��re down. Go back to the starting position. To keep your balance, make sure you brace the core. Continue with the same leg for the whole pyramid.

Wea��ve got one thanks to HowcastSportsFitness a�� thanks a lot!

As youa��re done with Pyramid B, repeat it this time switching the legs: the Russian dance on the right leg, and the curtsy lunges on the left.

STEP 4 a��A�Be regular

If youa��re really want to see effects, you need to work out regularly. The pyramid workout is short, but very intensive. It wona��t take much time, but will take lots of energy a�� thata��s why ita��s so effective. Remember why you exercise and try out the pyramid to feel that with each rep youa��re closer to your fitness goals. Stay strong and motivated!

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