Vacation is often seen as a time that may be rough for those who watch their weight. We need holiday to take a break from work. But can we take a break from diet and exercise at the same time? Is the holiday a threat for our weight loss plan considering diet and workout? What can we do to make the break a breakthrough?

Change the point of view

The key to success is to stop perceiving the vacation as a time of weakness. Yes, we will be resting and taking a break from our everyday duties and sacrifices a�� thata��s our right. Thata��s what the vacation is for. But we shouldn’t see our diet and workout as a duty or sacrifice we can finally take a break from on our holiday, if we count on long-term effects.

The point of a good vacation is to switch from what where we are and what we do every day. But if we try to eat clean and exercise on a daily basis, it does not mean on vacation we should eat only fast food and sit on the couch (or lie on the beach) whole day doing nothing. If you want to know how a good break in workout should look like, please see:

A�Workout on Vacation: Should You Take a Break? >>.

What about holiday diet?

Ita��s summer, the time of easily available fresh fruit and vegetables. That creates numerous opportunities and ideas for healthy, low-calorie, high-fiber meals. Not to mention, you can grill outdoors which means delicious meat and fish prepared without any additional fat.

If youa��re taking some time off at work, you will have more time to play and experiment in the kitchen. Try out some new recipes (you may want to check those, for instance: Best Healthy Summer Recipes from ) or to create your own compositions.

So you can eat differently, but still healthy during your vacation. No one says you cannot serve yourself a treat for the whole vacation a�� you can and you should. But make sure you’re not serving your treats and treats only, unless they are as nutritious as they are tasty.

More free time equals more time to be active

And herea��s the key to the breakthrough. If you trying to lose some weight, use the vacation for a good boost of physical activity. Youa��ll be having more time to exercise, or engage in outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, or roller skating. The holiday is a great time to catch up with your weight loss plan having fun at the same time.

Eating well and moving more than usually, you will be able to burn more calories and gain more strength. Regular physical activity will boost your metabolism make your body burn the fat that you want to get rid of.

How to rest and burn fat at the same time

Now that you have more time, you can plan more than one training session a day. Dona��t go crazy, tough. It does not mean you should go to the gym twice day. Just try to engage in more than one physical activity. Plan some light jogging or swimming session for the morning, and some more requiring training for the afternoon.

It does not have to take a lot of time. Try a HIITA�session, 30 minutes tops including a decent warm-up and some stretching afterwards. Unless, you are spending the whole day actively, for instance trekking or cycling with your family and friends a�� thata��s the best possible scenario.

Such a two-week active holiday may bring some unexpected results. Do some measurements at the beginning and at the end of your vacation to check how well you used that time. Youa��ll be getting back to work with some fresh energy, and possibly a couple of pounds fewer. Use the time well. Rest actively and take a break from the routine in a good sense of the expression.

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