For a short break form your regular running sessions, you can try a cardio session at your home or yard. Circuit training may serve very well as a cardio session, if only you combine proper exercises and keep up a nice moderate pace. Herea��s an idea for a heart-rate-bumping routine for everyone without any gym equipment.

Step 1: Jump rope to warm up (6 minutes)

  • JUMPING ROPE alternating legs a�� 2 minutes
  • JUMPING ROPE both legs a�� 2 minutes
  • JUMPING ROPE left leg a�� 1 minute
  • JUMPING ROPE right leg a�� 1 minute

If you dona��t have a jumping rope, thata��s fine a�� just jump pretending you have one.

Step 2: Move the whole body to stretch dynamically (12 minutes)

JUMPING JACKS a�� 2 minutes (clap your hands above your head)

HIGH KNEES a�� 1 minute (hold your hands at the level of your belly button, palms directed downwards, so that the knees touch the hands with each rep.)

SKATER JUMPS a�� 2 minutes

ROLL-UPS a�� 1 minute

As you complete the circuit, repeat it once again.

Step 3: Get some strength at a dynamic pace (at least 15 minutes)

BURPEES a�� 1 minute

BENT OVER BOXING a�� 1 minute (you don’t have to use weights)

BENCH RUSSIAN DANCE a�� 1 minute (you can do this one on a bench or a stable chair)

DOUBLE CRUNCH a�� 1 minute


Perform the strength circuit at least 3 times. Take a short, 30-second break only after a completed circuit. Do not rest between the exercises.

Step 4: Cooldown and stretch (10-15 minutes)

After such a dynamic workout, you should serve yourself a nice portion of static stretching. Focus especially on stretching the legs, as you were jumping quite a lot. Check out:

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Take about 10-15 minutes for the stretching session, make sure your breath and heart rate come back to normal.

Final Tips

  • The whole workout will take you around 45 minutes.
  • Make sure you have some water, and a towel.
  • Tune in to some dynamic and motivating music a�� make sure you keep up all the time.
  • Thata��s a cardio session, not HIIT, so dona��t go as fast as you can. The pace should be dynamic, yet moderate.
  • Try to keep the intensity on the same level for the whole workout until the cooldown stage.

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