If youa��re looking for a way to break your routine and cast some new light on your training sessions, you should definitely try workout in pairs. Working out with a partner is twice as much fun as working out on your own. You can of course go together to a gym or for a jog, but you can also do some fantastic bodyweight exercises in pairs. Here are 6 ideas for lower body partner workout without any gym equipment.

1. High-Five Squat Jumps

Seems easy, but requires a lot of coordination of the rhythm and whole body movement. Stand in front of your partner, one step away. Squat together, jump as high as you can, and clap each othera��s hands when youa��re up. Perform at least 3 series of ten reps.

2. Back-To-Back Squats

This one is great version of squat as it actually releases some tension from your knees, yet still works those quads and glutes really well. To hold your balance you will actually also need to brace your core. Stand with your backs to each other, feet hip apart. There should be a distance of about one step between the lines of your and your partnera��s heels, but your back should be sticking to each other.

At the beginning, you can lock your arms against you partner’s, but you dona��t have to (if you dona��t, the exercise will require some more work of your core). Simultaneously squat down, and go back up for ten reps. After the last rep, stay down for 10-30 seconds. You both need to push against each other to perform the partner squat. Remember to keep those back nice and straight.

3. Partner Squat-Plank

And the third idea for squatting in pairs a�� but this time only one of you will be doing squats. The other one will be doing high plank (on the hands, not the forearms) in the meantime. One person starts in the starting push-up position. The other one stands behind, holds their partnera��s ankles (a little bit in front of their hips, the arms straight).

As youa��re squatting, make sure the knees do not go further forward than your toes line, your back is in one line and your hips are a little bit in the back when youa��re down. As youa��re planking, make sure your hips are not too high or too low. To make this somewhat harder, you can do push-ups simultaneously with your partnera��s squats. Do 10 reps, and switch places. Repeat the series two or three times.

4. Partner Pistols

Thata��s a great one, and quite challenging, too. Thata��s actually one of the most convenient, and safe for your knees, ways to perform single leg squat. Stand in front of each other, hold each othera��s hands, lift one leg up front. Squat down and back up.

I did this exercise holding my partnera��s right hand with my right hand a�� just like when hand shaking, and holding their right ankle with my left hand. This way, you can actually help each other while going up from the squat a�� a great way to start.

5. Partner Leg Press

It’s a great example of an exercise which can be done without special gym equipment if only you work out with a partner. You lie down (preferably with your arms up, hands under something heavy, like a sofa of a bed). Your partner stands in front of you, close to your feet, but with their back towards you. You put your feet on their lower back, and your partner leans against your feet as you bend your knees. Then you press up.

The person standing should be bracing their whole body a�� as a matter of fact, they are also active during the exercise. You also have to trust each other to perform this one. At the beginning, bend your knees only a little, to check how far you can actually bend them to be able to press back up.

6. Partner Jumpa��na��Sprawl

This one is a killer, but ita��s great for full body conditioning. One of you is planking on the ground, while the other one is side jumping over their partnera��s back, sprawling (or doing burpees, if you want to make it even more challenging), and side jumping again for another sprawl. Do one series of 30 seconds before switching roles. Repeat three times.

Be creative

Those are only a couple ideas, but therea��s more. Actually, you can create some pair exercises on your own. Think of how to combine different exercises you usually do on your own. Working out in pairs may really change your focus from the physical effort to genuine fun.

If you’ve got some great exercises I didn’t mentioned here, please write about them in comments, or drop some link to a video demonstration. Some more ideas for partner workout (upper body) will be described in the upcoming article, so stay tuned.

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