Ita��s the time of the year when winter hasn’t quite ended yet, but the spring also hasn’t come either. Suspended between the two seasons, we often feel confused, demotivated and devoid of energy. How to overcome this transitional period full of apathy? Here are 7 tricks to serve yourself a nice boost of energy before the spring comes for good.

1. Go out and move a little

Even if we feel like the best place on Earth is our bed, lying back and staring at the ceiling will hardly bring us any motivation or energy. Going out for some fresh air and physical activity will definitely bring some better effects. No matter if you walk your dog, go for a jog or a short bike ride. The important thing is to get your body pump the blood faster, and this way to provide your brain with some more oxygen.

2. Open up the window

If you dona��t have time to go out right now, however, and you definitely do need some energetic boost a�� open the window. Air the room intensively and quickly. Ita��s better to open wide for a 3 minutes than to keep the open ajar for an hour.

3. Do a few-minute home workout

If you feel cold, instead of jumping under a blanket, put it on the floor and do some exercises. Warm up with some jumping and running in place to raise the heart rate, do some strength or resistance exercises (e.g. squats, push-ups, crunches) and stretch for a few minutes to end up the session. For some great ideas on bodyweight home exercises check out Fit & slim without the gym on Facebook.

4. Put on some energetic tune

Music can work miracles when it comes to steering emotions and mood. Listen to something energetic that brings back some good memories or connotations. Think of some bands or tunes that you used to listen to but havena��t heard for a longer time. Maybe that will even get you dancing a�� in other words, to some physical activity by the music a�� and thata��s two in one.

5. Take a hot-and-cold shower

Preferably with some aromatic soap to stimulate not only the blood flow but also the sense of smell. Changing the temperature of water will make your muscles contract and relax interchangeably, which in turn will make the blood flow run faster. To enhance the effect you may also massage the muscles or delicately pat them with your hands. Thata��s also great practice after each workout sessions, as it speeds up proper regeneration.

6. Meet with a friend

A meeting does not always mean coffee. Invite a friend for a walk, a jog, bowling or a little squash match. Spend your time actively to get rid of stress more effectively and get some extra motivation for workout. With a good friend, you may also try partner-assisted workout a�� some great strength and stretching exercises in pairs. Thata��s a lot of fun for both of you, a great workout, and an energy boost, all in one.

7. Serve yourself some healthy carbs

Now thata��s a perfect moment to grab an apple, a banana, or a glass of homemade juice. Carbohydrates are the energy in food a�� but instead of a chocolate bar or a cup of sweetened coffee you better go for a piece of fruit, or more than one piece mixed in a fruit salad (here are some easy and healthy recipes from

Mix it!

Here are seven ideas you may want to try out when you feel the lack of energy getting to you. To make them more effective, you may combine them. For instance a jog with a friend outdoors followed by a shower with some massage followed by a healthy snack. Isn’t that a nice plan for a March afternoon?

If you’ve got some great ways to boost your energy when you feel down and weak, feel free to share them in comments right below this post.

Springtime is almost here a�� hang on!

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The sports soul and the alleged specialist in words of The main 52C Blog writer. A diligent student at the English Department of the University of Wroclaw, majoring in applied linguistics. An ex-acrobat and aerobic gymnast with the 13-year long experience in „training for winning”. A multiple medallist of Poland nationals in acrobatic gymnastics, and academic nationals in aerobic gymnastics. A fan of gymnastics of every existing type. Personally, finds making everyday choices in a healthy lifestyle even more demanding a challenge than making everyday sacrifices in the athlete’s lifestyle.