Even if you dona��t like running, it does not mean you cannot work out for endurance and train your respiratory system. Yes, jogging is simple and does not require much equipment. But there are other ways for cardio, as time- and cost-efficient as jogging and equally simple. For all those who are not very fond of running, and for the runners who look for a temporary change a�� we present 5 simple ideas for cardio workout other than running.

1. Jumping rope

All you need for this one is a piece of rope, preferably with some handles. Start with mastering the technique, or even better several techniques: jump on both legs, alternating legs with each jump, raising your knees high. Try also the double-unders. Ita��s amazing how many opportunities a simple rope can create. You can jump both outdoors, and indoors a�� which means that the weather cannot be even a lousy excuse for skipping your cardio session.

Ita��s also a great alternative for running in terms of the pressure put on the joints. If you are a runner with some knee problems, try the rope for a change. Jumping on your toes, so that the heels dona��t touch the ground, is more beneficial for your joints than running, yet equally beneficial to your muscles and respiratory system.

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2. Roller skating

As well as jumping rope, requires some time and patience to master the technique, first. But then ita��s just pure fun and enjoyable speed. Roller skating is also a low impact to the joints, so another idea for the runners suffering from minor knees injuries. Yes, you have to get yourself a nice pair of roller skates, but such a pair at the beginning level wona��t cost more than a pair of decent running shoes. It is a sport meant for outdoor training, but there are also halls where you can skate under the roof.

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3. Shadowboxing

You can use a training bag if youa��ve got one, but basically shadowboxing, as the very name says, requires only you, and your shadow, mirror reflection a�� or just an imaginary rival. For boxers, ita��s a method for improving technique, speed, and endurance. The technique is very important, and it may be a motivating new challenge to master the proper technique of some punches. But even while learning the technique, you will still improve your endurance. You can also add some kicks to it, for additional lower body conditioning, if you want.

4. Dancing

Zumba and Bokwa are now in vogue, so you can try those, but you may also set your own dancing-slash-working out session at home. Put on some of your favourite music and just get started! Wearing whatever you like, with or without shoes on your feet. If youa��re dancing on a party, do you ever feel like you were working out? Probably not. And have you ever experienced muscle soreness after dancing the night over? Probably yes.

So herea��s your answer if you really hate running a�� just dance. Thata��s also another opportunity to practice some smooth moves before another party. And if you think you cana��t dance a�� dona��t worry: unlike in the party room, no one has to see you in your own room.

5. Circuit training

If you want a cardio session at home, you can choose some heart rate-bumping exercises and arrange them in a nice circuit training session. Think of mountain-climbers, burpees, cross-over crunches, ice skaters and other rhythmic calisthenic exercises. Adjust the pace, the time and number of the rounds and breaks to your own capability. Work on strength and endurance at the same time.

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So you see that a�?I dona��t like runninga�? is not a spell for avoiding cardio. There are at least five different activities which do not involve running, and still create an opportunity to develop your aerobic capacity and improve your muscle endurance. Youa��ve probably got some more great ideas, so please know youa��re more than welcome to share them in the commentsa�� section.

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