In the previous four parts of this series, wea��ve discussed the crucial elements of your PTa��s website a�� but therea��s one more must-have: analytics. If you place an ad in a newspaper, you cana��t be sure how many people saw it. The web gives you the advantage of testing the efficiency of your site a�� efficiency expressed in numbers. Check how well your website is doing in these four simple steps.

STEP 1: How to start?

Step one is to set up an account on Google Analytics. There are also other sites which handle web analytics, but this one is free, so you dona��t have to worry about additional costs. Once youa��ve got your account, they will show you step by step what to do.

Basically, youa��ll have to paste a tracking code into your website so that you could see the stats of your site in your Google Analytics panel. If you developed your site on your own, youa��ll probably know how to do it. If you had the website done by someone, they will be able to help you (unless they already took care of it).


STEP 2: Which stats should you track?

Google Analytics allows you to track numerous kinds of data. At first sight, it may seem overwhelming, but dona��t panic and focus on these three kinds of data.

a) How many viewers visited your site and how much time they spent there

Check the number of sessions a�� this way youa��ll know exactly how many viewers saw your website in a given day, week, month, etc. At the very same site, youa��ll be able to see how much time on average your viewers spend at your site. First hint: if ita��s too short, youa��ll know that the first thing to improve is your Homepage.

b) Which pages of your website are the most frequently viewed

You can also check where exactly your viewers spend the most time. If youa��ll see that they dona��t reach the contact details, probably therea��s something to reconsider in the About and Services. This way youa��ll be able to identify the element of your website that needs improvement.

c) Where the viewers came from

Yes, you can verify which channels work best for you spreading the word about your personal training business. The link to your site has been probably shared on Twitter and Facebook a�� see how many people were redirected from there to your website. Additionally, if you pay for ads, youa��ll be able to verify their efficiency.

Say only 4 viewers this month came to your website from the place youa��re paying for ads. Now you know that youa��re spending money for an inefficient, in your case, source of getting new viewers. And you know that even if you resign from the ad, you wona��t lose many potential clients.

STEP 3: Define your goals and track your conversions

Conversion is the goal of you website: you want your viewer to convert into your client. In Google Analytics you can define more precisely the goals of your website, and check how many of conversions you had in a period of time. What could be the goals of your site? For instance, getting into the contact page or sending the contact form (if youa��ve got one).

Measure the rate of conversions: how many viewers of all the people who visited your website decided to contact you. Thata��s the index which will let you numerically assess the efficiency of your website.

STEP 4: Experiment

Knowing all those details, you can easily deduce which parts of your website still need improvement. The consequences of the analysis should be changes in the content of your website and continuous testing. Change the photos and see if it helped. Add some new testimonials and wait for effects. Introduce some changes in your service description, and assess if it works better or worse. Dona��t give up. Be patients and experiment until you find the right solution.

Final words of the final article

The verbal as well as the graphic elements on your website affect your viewers. Now, ita��s your task to adjust the looks and the content of your site to affect the viewers in the right way. Youa��re a qualified and successful fitness professional a�� let your viewers know that so they could become your new clients. To let it happen, your website should look professional.

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