Ok, so we’ve got the Homepage, the About page, and the OfferA�as they should be. There are two final elements in the process of converting your viewers into your clients: the social proof and contact details. Herea��s how to get some testimonials and how to present them, so that your viewer decides to contact you. Herea��s also what you need at your Contact page, to make sure your potential client wona��t hesitate to reach out to you.

Step Last but One: Testimonials

If your potential client is to become your real client, ita��s crucial to show them what your other real clients think about you and your services. Word of mouth is one of the most effective kinds of advertisement there is. Herea��s how to sneak a little bit word of mouth into your website, so that your clients recommend your services not only to those they know. Check below for 4 steps to actually efficient testimonials:

1. Ask your clients to write a few words about you

You know your clients quite well, so you can ask them if they wouldna��t mind to share their thoughts on your cooperation. To make it easier for them, you can prepare several questions or points to elaborate on, so they know what kind of feedback you expect. For instance: a few words about you as a person, and as a trainer, a short assessment of your cooperation, a little about your common greatest success, a word or two about what makes you unique as a trainer.

2. Share real stories

Make the testimonials sound like theya��re supposed to sound. What does that mean? It means, dona��t let them sound artificial. Avoid too many superlatives. Ask your clients to speak from their heart.

What would you tell your best friend about me and our cooperation?

Thata��s the general question they should have in mind. If there were some difficult moments or parts that dona��t sound all sweet a�� so what! The important thing is you managed to solve a problem together and achieve a goal a�� especially if it wasna��t easy on the way.

Youa��re a problem solver, you help people persevere in the pursuit of their goals and thata��s hardly ever easy. So if they tell it was all birds and daisies they won’t sound trustworthy. The whole point is it was hard a��A�thata��s why they needed your help. Now, ask them to tell other people about how you made it together from the beginning to now.

3. Attach some pictures

a�?Before and aftera�� pics are pure power when it comes to testimonials. Thata��s why ita��s good to always take a photo at the beginning of your cooperation with the client, if they dona��t mind, of course, and then take one every 2-3 weeks to let them see the progress.

And to give your viewer the whole story, show them also some pics from your workout sessions a�� images of you with the client. This way they are sure the pics are not taken from the web, or photoshoped. The proof for the eyes is the most powerful proof.

4. Include a CTA along withA�the testimonials

The call-to-action involving the social proof may be the most effective CTA at your website. How to incorporate social proof in the call to action? Here are some examples:

  • Call now 555-555-55 a�� take a first step towards your goals like they did!
  • Want to achieve your fitness goals like Annie, BJ, and Ted? Contact me today!
  • Join us on the way towards results. Call 555-555-55

The Final Step: Contact

Seems the easiest part. Just put there your phone number, or email, right? Wrong! Not OR, but rather AND. And much more. A good Contact page opens many opportunities for the potential client.

Some of us prefer emails. Others would rather talk by the phone, or even in person, before they decide on anything. So provide as many contact channels as possible.

1. Phone number

Give the number(s) your available at and preferably some info about when ita��s best to call you. Not all the potential clients willA�be OK with leaving voice mail messages.

2. Email address

Probably the most popular and easily available channel. The client writes whenever they want. You answer as soon as you can. Both sides are satisfied. Try to answer as quickly as possible. If for some reasons you are not available for some time, set an auto-response so that the client knows their message has been received and realizes when youa��ll be able to get back to them.

3. Contact form

Youa��ll get the message for your email, but the client doesna��t have to go to their mailbox to send you the message or an inquiry. Plus, you may ask some basic questions in the form to prepare yourself better for the first consultation. But remember, even if you provide the contact form, there still should be your email address so the future client could send you a traditional email if they feel like it.

4. Address

Surprisingly enough, ita��s often the case that trainers do not provide their location details. Yes, there are the privacy issues and safety in the web. But you have to give your future client the idea of where you train. It does not have to be the exact address, unless you train at a public gym facility.

If you dona��t want to share the full address, just give them the city, the district, the neighbourhood a�� anything which gives them an idea of where you work. The full address, however, is another part of the social proof: a company with an actual address exists and can be reached also in real.

5. Social media

Talking about social proof and contact all at once. Most of us has a profile on Twitter and/or Facebook. As a Personal Trainer, you can also set a Facebook fan page which includes some interesting content and some contact details. Make sure you provide the links to your social media profiles at the Contact page.

That would be it. Looks like youa��ve got some tips for all the must-have parts of your PTa��s website. The fifth, final part of the series will include some hints on how to control the effectiveness of all those elements. Make sure you dona��t miss that.

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