Now, when your viewer got hooked by your Homepage and charmed by your About page, ita��s time to talk turkey. This is the extremely important moment when they are going to analyze your offer a�� and decide if they want to work with you or not. Herea��s 7 tips on how present your services so that your future clients get encouraged rather than scared off.

1. Make the offer details easy to find

Make sure the viewers know where to find the detailed information about your offer. There should be a separate section in the navigation of your page, and again, it should be called in the way telling people straight, whata��s inside. So go for traditional Offer or Services, or more detailed: Training. You can also put it under the general tag in the navigation, and present different options in separate sections, like at

2. Determine, who you address your offer to

The viewer will be more eager to call you if they are sure they found the right specialist to help them solve their problem. So dona��t try to offer a universal solution for all the possible problems they could possibly have. Dona��t be too general.

When you have a toothache you dona��t want to see a doctor a�� you want to see the dentist, dona��t you? So, if you specialize in weight loss, or body sculpting, or corrective exercise, or whatever you specialize in a�� write about it. It may be several branches, just make sure you name them.

3. Enhance your Unique Selling Proposal

Thata��s a must. You realize that the viewer of your site can have ten of other personal trainersa�� sites open at the same time. Ita��s been twenty, at first, but then they saw the Homepages and Abouta��s, so now ita��s ten. And why should they choose you out of the ten trainers? Thata��s what the Unique Selling Proposal is all about.

So dona��t make them wonder a�� tell them right away: why they should pick you. What is the thing that makes you a better choice for them than the other nine trainers? Ita��s often more important than the price of your service a�� the client is willing to pay if they know exactly what they are paying for.

4. Show the benefits

That refers to point 2 & 3. Writing about your offer you shouldna��t present a raw data. It shouldn’t be a menu in a milk bar. Telling your future client what kind of services you offer you should show them what exactly those services could bring them.

How will they benefit from group training or one-on-one sessions? What is the point of ordering an individual workout and nutrition plan? And so on. Be brief and exact, but tell your clients whata��s in it for them.

5. Present pricing

The first thing to know is that the price is the element of the service. Avoiding to present the price is a huge mistake, as you present an incomplete service. Dona��t be afraid that a potential client may be scared off by the price.

Quite the contrary, they might be scared off when they don’t see pricing, cause that makes them wonder. And you don’t want to make them wonder a�� you want them to see exactly what you offer, what they can expect working with you, and decide to contact you.

6. Answer the unasked questions

So now they know the details of your unique offer, the price, the benefits. They know almost everything. But the almost makes a huge difference. At this point they may still have some doubts a�� and they need to get rid of the doubts if they are to become your clients.

So your task here is to eliminate all the possible doubts the client may have on their mind when looking for a fitness pro. Look at your offer at this point and predict, what kind of questions come to a clienta��s mind.

Where the sessions are going to take place? Will they have to pay for several sessions in advance? Will they be able to cancel a session without consequences? Think of those and other questions that your present clients asked you at the beginning. Create a FAQ section, so that your viewer has fewer questions to ask when they call you.

7. Put a Call-to-Action at the bottom of the site

And the final touch a�� the CTA (Call-to-Action). Youa��ve got one on your Homepage, and you definitely should have one here, as this is the place of the final decision. Take your viewera��s hand and lead them to become your client. Here are some more examples of a good CTA (for more details check Vol. 1 a�� Homepage):

a�? Call me today 555-555-555
a�? Email me and we’ll set up a free intro consultation
a�? Fill in the contact form now to start

Does your Offer site includes those elements? Try these 7 little tips when describing your offer and see how such nice little touches affect the effectiveness of your website. Show everything black on white a�� gain the viewers’ trust and let them become your clients. More advice on how to improve your personal trainera��s website in the upcoming articles.

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