Last week we announced the launch of the brand new progress reports but there are also some novelties in Sessions. In the latest update, we improved the list of the sessions and added some new copy functions both on desktop and in the mobile app. Take a brief look at the changes here.

View the new clearer list of Sessions in the client’s profile

Now you can easily access all the past and upcoming sessions with a particular client in their profile. We also added some useful filters, so you can easily find one of the previous sessions you want to go back to.


View the list of particular client’s Sessions in the iPhone app

The long awaited list of single client’s sessions is already available in the iPhone app. You will find the list of sessions with a particular client included in their profile – no more searching out the general calendar of all sessions when you want to view only the ones with the particular client.

  1. Go to CLIENTS.
  2. Pick  the client whose sessions you want to view or edit.
  3. Choose Sessions at the bottom of the list.


Copy your Sessions even more conveniently

Sometimes you copy one of the previous workouts, make some adjustments and assign it for another session or even to another client. Now, when copying a session, you get to choose which parts of the spreadsheet will be copied.

So let’s say you want to copy only the exercises and notes, because you know the number of sets, reps and the weights will be completely different. So you tick only the Exercises and Notes when copying the session. This way, in the copied spreadsheet, you don’t have to edit each number to put in a new one, but you have the free space to put in the brand new numbers.

You can also leave the spaces blank until the workout is in progress, and make some notes during the session, so that the spreadsheet reflects the actual performance of your client.

Copy and send Sessions also from your iPad or iPhone

Yes, now the Sessions can be also copied on your phone or iPad when you’re in the field and don’t have access to your desktop. It works just like in the web version, so you don’t have to learn the new way of copying or sending sessions from your mobile devices. Just use the Copy or Share icon, and you’ll know what to do next.

copy&share_sessions_from_app copy

Check out the refreshed Sessions and let us know your thoughts. We want to make 52C as convenient to use as possible, so we’ll be more than happy to hear all kinds of feedback. Share your impressions in the comments below, or drop us an email.

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