52C has just reached another stage of development. The CRM for personal trainers offers now the new function for managing the schedule of training sessions and more detailed tracking of clients’ progress. Here’s what you can do thanks to sessions and a short tutorial for the new function.

Sessions 101 – What are the sessions and what are they for?

Thanks to sessions, you can save some of the time you usually spend on planning and tracking the sessions with your clients. Instead of keeping the training plans on separate paper spreadsheets or in files, you can now store all the info within the flexible client’s profile accessible on-line. Create the schedule of your sessions. Within each session, track exercises, sets, reps, and notes in a familiar form of the spreadsheet on-line. Manage your sessions the way you like: copy, edit, share, cancel.


How to add a new session?

Go to SESSIONS, and click the button NEW SESSION. You will see there the three input fields, the place for notes, and the workout spreadsheet. Here’s what you can put in there…

The first field


In the first field, enter the clients name. When you start typing, 52C will show you a list of hints involving existing clients.

  • You can pick a client from the list, if their profile already exists.
  • But you can also type in the full name of a client whose profile has not been created before. That’s right, the new client’s profile will be created automatically if it hasn’t been on your list, yet (all you’ll have to do is to confirm that you want the new client’s profile to be created).

The second field


In the second field, you set the date and time of the session.

How to enter the date of the session?

You can add the date in numerous formats. Whichever you find most comfortable will be recognized by 52C, for instance:

  • if you don’t enter any date, the today’s date will be chosen as default,
  • tomorrow – will be recognized as the next day, obviously,
  • DAT or day after tomorrow – will be recognized as the day after tomorrow,
  • Friday or Fri – will be recognized as the nearest Friday,
  • next Friday, or next Fri – will be recognized as the second Friday from now,
  • next week – will be recognized as exactly 7 days from now.

Entering a specific date:

You can also enter the full date in numerous formats. For instance, all the below will be recognized by 52C as the 18th of May, 2014:

  • May 18, 2014 or May 18 (if you don’t enter the year, it will be recognized as 18 May of the current year)
  • 18 May, 2014
  • 18th of May
  • 18-May-2014
  • 18/5
  • 18.5
  • 18-5

And for the US users, the last three formats should be entered as:

  • 5/18
  • 5.18
  • 5-18

If you want to add some sessions from the past, you can also enter previous dates, for instance:

  • yesterday
  • last Friday
  • last week
  • plus all the specific dates from the past to record the info from the previous sessions.

How to enter the time of the session?

After the date you can enter the time of the session. For instance all the formats below will be recognized as 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM:

  • 10 AM
  • 10am
  • 10:00 – 11:00 
  • 10-11 
  • 10 to 11 
  • 10 till 11
  • from 10 to 11
  • 1000-1100
  • ten to eleven

And many more, in fact…

Some important hints:

If you don’t specify the AM/PM, the default time will be AM.
If you don’t enter the time, 52C will recognize it as a whole day session.
You can always edit the date and the time of the session.

The third field


In the third field, you can add some info about where the session is going to take place, or took place, for instance:

  • home
  • Sparta Gym
  • Central Park
  • 114 Beacon Street, Boston, MA
  • and all the other names of locations you train your clients at.

Just type in the location, and it will be saved after the first time, so that the next time you will be able to choose it from the list of hints.

IMPORTANT: Under the three input fields, you can see what has been set up. Check if that’s what you meant to set.

Add notes about the session

Under the three fields, you can add some notes about the client’s mood, motivation, general form and strength during the session, and all the observations you make or other issues you find important during the session.

Fill the exercise spreadsheet


You can enter whatever you like into the spreadsheet. 52C will show you some hints to choose from as you start typing the name of the exercise, but you don’t have to pick from the list. Just type in the full name of the exercise if you want.

Enter the number of sets, reps, the used weights and notes about individual exercises. The next row in the spreadsheet will be added automatically as you type in the previous one.

How to save the session?

You don’t have to click anything to save the session. All the info is being saved automatically as you are typing. In the left bottom corner of the spreadsheet you’ve got the spinner indicating the saving status:

  • if it’s spinning, the session is being saved
  • if it’s stable, the session has been saved.

This way you can be sure that your session won’t be lost just because you forgot to click a “save” button.

How to cancel the session?


If the session has been canceled, you can tick the ‘CANCELED’ check box in the right bottom corner. This will not delete the session, but just mark it as canceled on the list of your sessions. You will be able to edit the session later.

How to share the session?


You’ve got two ways for sharing the session:

– you can either print it,
– or send it to the client via email.

How to copy the session?

Yes, you can copy the session. Just use the copy button to do that. But that’s not all. The copied session can be modified the way you like:

  • you can assign the copied session to another client just by changing the client’s name in the first field,
  • you can make changes wherever you like: in the date and time, notes, and exercise spreadsheet.

The copied session will be automatically saved in the profile of the client whose name you put in the first field.

How to delete the session?

To delete the session completely, just use the red “x” button in the right bottom corner, and confirm that you want the session to be deleted.

Sessions 101

That’s just a short presentation, but if you want to try out 52C, go to 52Challenges.com and leave us your email address so we can create for you a free trial account without any obligations.

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