Here’s the third part of the new multivariable assessments we recently added to the web version of 52C. It involves classic tests for strength and flexibility. You can carry out those to control progress in fitness performance of your clients, even if they don’t train specifically for fat loss or if they are not interested in their estimated VO2max level. Check the 6 simple assessments and see why it could be better to do them with 52C than in your notepad.

Testing Strength

Many clients train to improve strength. They will probably see themselves that as they keep training with you they are capable of performing more reps and possibly use more weight in resistance workout. That’s what it’s all about. But you can also keep score of their progress, say every month or so, to show them how considerably they proceeded over time.

You could of course show them pure numbers in your notepad. But maybe it would be more of a motivational touch if they could see the numbers on a graph. Maybe it would be a useful piece of info for you to know how they are doing in comparison with some statistic norms. We thought it would.

Which strength tests can you perform using 52C?

We implemented 4 tests that allow you to easily assess the progress in strength.

  • Push-up Test


  • Curl-up Test



  • Epley Submaximal 1 Rep Max Test



  • Handgrip Strength Test

hand grip

The last one involves the distinction between the strength of the left and the right hand, so make sure you choose the right category for the corresponding measurement.

Testing Flexibility

I’ve written quite a few articles on flexibility on this blog. I feel like I don’t need to explain the importance of this fitness component to professional trainers. Flexibility seems hard to assess in terms of numbers, yet there are two popular tests to do that and you can carry out both of them with 52C.

Which flexibility tests can you perform using 52C?

  • YMCA Sit & Reach Test

sit and reach

  • Trunk Forward Flexion Test


How to enter the tests results in 52C?

  1. Before the test, choose the client whose scores you’re about to collect.
  2. Choose one of the available tests – just start typing the name of the test and it will appear on the drop down list.
  3. As the test is completed, put in the score and click ADD.

That’s it. You won’t have to look for norms tables to confront the results with average. The score will be automatically classified according to the client’s age and gender. These strength and flexibility tests require only basic equipment, yet may be a powerful motivational boost, if performed regularly.

Klasyfikacja wyniku - dobra

Why we think it’s beneficial to regularly perform assessments of your clients’ fitness?

As a trainer, you can clearly see how your clients progress over time. It’s crucial, though, that they are fully aware of the progress they make. This gives them a tangible proof for the efficiency of your training.


Additionally, you’ve got a full history of their progress – all the information kept in order in one place. It becomes a simply accessible resource when adjusting workout programs of your current clients. Plus, it may be also helpful in getting new clients – you have the full history of your successful clients on your iPad or iPhone. You may show it to those who are on the verge of becoming your clients.

Final words

For the last two months, we managed to implement 13 new multivariable assessments to our software. It’s been a lot of work, but also a very interesting experience to the whole team. The first stage of implementing the multivariable fitness assessments has been completed, but we’re not done yet. Now we’re going to work on graphic presentation of the results and neat reports for the clients.

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For the third time, very special thanks to our advisor Will Bruce, who inspired us to take up the challenge of implementing multivariable assessments and without whom we would be hardly able to implement them the way we did.

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