Next to body fat measurements, another factor frequently evaluated by fitness professionals is the capability of cardiovascular system. Several tests can be carried out to assess the maximum oxygen uptake. Among the new multivariable assessments in 52C, we included 4 popular tests used for estimation of VO2max. See if there are the ones you’re using and how to perform them in 52C.

Estimating maximum oxygen uptake

The efficiency of cardiovascular system is one of the crucial factors determining fitness. The efficiency can be assessed on the basis of estimated maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max). There are several tests designed to do that, yet all of them have a common characteristic: the client is to put in a significant effort into a physical activity like running on a treadmill, cycling, or stepping up onto a box.

The tester/trainer has to take the measurements at specific points of the test, as precisely as possible, and write down the scores which are then used for calculations. That is the exact situation when notes have to be taken as fast as possible.

Simple and fast input of the testee’s scores

While implementing the multivariable assessments into 52C, we focused in general on simple and fast recording of client’s scores. But in case of the cardiovascular assessments, this seems to be especially important.

We wanted you to be able to write down the required scores as fast as using pencil and clipboard. We wanted to spare you solving complicated equations and converting liters to milliliters of oxygen (and that’s the simplest calculation to perform in those tests). We wanted your client to be able to see their test result immediately after the test completion, and in comparison to the previous results.

Which VO2max tests can you perform using 52C?

There are 4 cardiovascular multivariable tests recently implemented to 52C, so as a trainer you can estimate VO2max of clients of different ages, on different fitness levels, regardless of the equipment you have available for the testing.

  • Astrand-Rhyming Cycle Ergometer Test


  • Bruce Treadmill Test


  • Balke & Ware Treadmill Test


  • McArdle Step Test


  1. Before the test, choose the client whose scores you’re about to collect.
  2. Choose one of the four available tests – just start typing the name of the test and it will appear on the drop down list.
  3. As the test goes on, just put in the scores.

You can focus exclusively on the test procedures and taking care of the client’s safety. We thought it would be nice to give you a hand in the latter: 52C will display 85% max heart rate based on the client’s age, so you know what the client’s safe intensity threshold is.

As the test goes on, you just fill in the inputs with all the required scores, and press ADD at the end to save the already calculated test result in the client’s profile. Simple as that. The result will be also automatically classified according to the norms provided in ACE Personal Trainer Manual 4th Ed., and presented on a progress graph in the client’s profile.


And what if you have some past results of these tests to add to a client’s profile?

Just like with the body fat test results, you can easily enter all the final results of the previously carried out tests straight into the third input and use the calendar to set the date of the record.


To sum up

We hope you’ll enjoy the new body cardiovascular tests in 52C. Remember that it’s your client who has to push to their limits during those assessments, so make sure you’ll resist the temptation of testing them all at once! We’ve got also the third portion of the brand new multivariable assessments to present to you, so don’t miss the upcoming articles.

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Special thanks to our advisor Will Bruce, who inspired us to take up the challenge of implementing multivariable assessments and without whom we would be hardly able to implement them the way we did.

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