The updated desktop version of 52C – CRM for Personal Trainers is already up and running. A few design improvements, the calendar for dating your records, plus a little shortcut to Sessions – and all this for even faster and more convenient client progress tracking. Here’s more on how to save some time collecting past notes and creating new sessions.

New looks, new functions

The refreshed layout of the home page is probably the first thing to notice after logging in to 52C. The inputs look modern and much more subtle now, but they work just as well as the old ones. Additionally, we added the calendar for dating the records you put into 52C.


On default, the date is set on “today”, so if you just want to add some current notes, you don’t have to click the calendar. Just type like you did so far. However, if you still have some remarks to add to your last week’s session with a client, you can use the calendar to set the date of the entry.

Also, we often hear from trainers that they have some past measurements they keep as paper notes, or Word/Excel files they’d like to put into their clients’ profiles in 52C. The calendar is the option to easily do that. This way the client will be able to see their full progress presented graphically.

How to add past notes & records?

The date can be set within seconds. There are two ways to do that:

  • Firstly, you can just choose a date from the calendar and click it. That’s great if the note you want to add is to be dated for not so long ago.
  • Secondly, you can type in a full date or just an expression like, “last Mon” to add a note to the last Monday’s meeting with your client. That’s especially handy when you have some measurements from more remote past, as you don’t have to click and click the calendar, but you can quickly type in the date, like say Oct 9, 2013.


The new quicker way to open a new Session worksheet

Finally, there’s yet another handy shortcut we added to save you several seconds each time you plan a new session. How does it work? For instance, to create a new training session for John Smith:

  1. in the first input, type in or choose from the drop-down list his name,
  2. in the second input just type in ‘Session’ and press Enter.


The workout sheet will open immediately. So now you don’t have to click through Clients, John Smith, Sessions, Add new… You can just type the first three letters of the word “session”, and hit Enter. That means several seconds saved on each new session.

Hope you like the updates! Just in case, you can see them at We love to hear feedback form our users, so if you feel like sharing your impressions of the refreshed Home page of 52C desktop version, don’t refrain from letting us know your thoughts.

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