REC IT by 52Challenges – the First Interval Timer with Video Recording is already available on AppStore. How is this timer different than many others on the market? Why video record your workout? What opportunities does it create? Here’s what we wanted to provide you with creating REC IT.

A simple and convenient interval timer

REC IT was designed to serve as a simple interval timer. You can set the number of rounds, the time of work and rest intervals with simple sliders – you don’t have to type anything. Maximum time of an interval is 90 minutes – so you can record a longer session of yoga, for instance. Just to set the timer and push ‘play’ to start your workout.


The numbers are big and clear, so you can see them from a distance. The background color changes for work and rest – you know what to do at each step of your workout. A neutral sound will alarm you at the end of each interval.



You can also choose one of the predefined timers for:

  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • HIIT Beginner
  • HIIT Intermediate
  • HIIT Advanced
  • Tabata

Shoot videos of your workout

With REC IT you may shoot videos of your workout performance. Record only work, or both work and rest intervals. Store the videos within the app’s History to keep everything in order and create a kind of a video workout log, or copy the videos to Camera Roll.

Some would probably ask: why would I ever want to video record my workout? The answer is:

  • to control your performance,
  • to eliminate technical mistakes,
  • to reach proper form of exercise,
  • to discover the reasons behind a plateau,
  • to see your progress over time,
  • and this way to get better results in a shorter time.

We usually count reps and sets, measure time, log the loads we exercise – we pay attention to quantity. We’re interested in ‘how many/ how much/ how long’. What we should be more interested in is ‘HOW’. Quality of exercise is often underestimated. Yet, it is quality that actually translates into quick progress and expected results.

Here’s some more about Why You Should Video Record Your Workout >>

What can you gain using REC IT?

Focus on your workout instead of complicated settings of your interval timer.

Stop wondering where to start. Turn the app on, and start right away. Use one of the predefined timers if you want to. Adjust the timer to your own needs instead of adjusting yourself to the timer. Enjoy the clear display, stop squinting to see how much time there’s left to the end of an interval. Keep it simple. Work out comfortably.

Watch yourself training – improve your performance to get better results in a shorter time.

You think you do everything right? I thought so too, until I saw myself on a movie. No matter if you lift weights, do some bodyweight or functional training, shadow boxing, or yoga. Shoot a video, see what you’re doing wrong and do it better next time. It’s actually this little you need to get the results you want.

Track your progress to stay motivated.

Have you ever wondered how you and your workout looked like some time ago? With REC IT you wouldn’t have to – you would simply see a recording from three months ago and compare this to your current performance. And you would be surprised. It’s not only about the size of your muscles. It’s also about the quality of movements, improvements in strength, speed, flexibility, agility. You can actually see how you’re getting a better athlete. You’ll be also surprised what a motivational boost such a short video can be.

A first step to gamified workouts

You may have taken the sneak peek at FitChallenge App (if you haven’t yet you can do it now). REC IT is a first step to the system of fines, awards, gamified workouts. We decided to show you the video recording timer as a foretaste and a little teaser before the FitChallenge. It’s only a part of what we’re working on, but we believe you can benefit right now from what we’ve got so far.

We hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

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