52C was originally designed for a single independent Personal Trainer. But we decided to add multiple-user accounts for those who work with some fellow-trainers, as well. So if you’re not on your own, but have at least one business partner or an employee: see how easily you can share information about your clients without sharing your doodle-on-paper notes or buying costly software for corporate gyms.

Who will benefit from Multi-User Accounts?

Whether you co-work with your wife, brother, sister, friend, or just a fellow-trainer, whether you hire an employee, or two, or three, or more, whether you own a small private studio or a bigger fitness facility – you are the person we had in mind when implementing the multi-user accounts. Long story short, if you want to share some clients’ data with another trainer within your company, that’s the solution we came up with for you.

How it works?

Say, you have a small fitness studio. You train yourself and hire two more trainers. You set up a 52C account for yourself, and invite your fellow-trainers to your company account. They accept the invitation – and here you have the multi-user 52C account.


What can you do as the manager (admin) of the account?

Basically, you can see and do it all. You can access all the clients’ profiles, both yours and your fellow-trainers’. You can view and edit all the data within the profiles. You are able to take a look at all the clients’ progress and control the schedule of all sessions in your studio. In other words, you keep an eye on everything if you feel like it.


You can also manage the access to the clients’ profiles. Say, one of your fellow-trainers got sick and had to take a week off. You can enable her clients’ profiles to your other fellow, so he could take over the clients just for this week. At this point, he knows what’s been done so far with each of the clients and he can easily stand in for the other trainer.


You can send invitations to create more accounts within your company, whenever you need. You can grant other trainer(s) the status of a manager (admin), so they could do all the above, just like you do.

What can you do as a trainer invited to a multi-user 52C account?

You cannot do all the stuff the admin can, unless you’ve been granted the admin status. You can add your new clients’ profiles as well as view and edit the profiles enabled to you by the manager (admin). You can enable the profiles you created yourself to other trainers, who are not the managers (admins) of the company account.

Additionally, you can create your own independent 52C account, if for instance you’ve got some other clients’ outside the studio that invited you. This independent account will be available only to you and you will be the manager (admin) here. In a nutshell, you can have all your clients’ profiles in one place and easily switch between your company and your solo account.



What’s the cost?

You’ve been probably wondering about that for the two previous sections of this post. There’s a flat fee of $15/month per one user. So, getting back to the previous scenario, for yourself and two other trainers you invited, you would pay $45. The owner of each independently created account will pay separately for themselves, and those who they invite.

How to invite new users?

First, you need a 52C account to start from. If you don’t have one, you can set it up here.


STEP 1: After logging in to your account, go to Settings > Users.

STEP 2: Click the plus to send an invitation to your fellow-trainer.

STEP 3: They will get an email with a link to the sign-up page. As soon as they’re in, they will appear on your list of users.

Why we added the multi-user accounts?

We believe that a valuable feature of each CRM is to be able to grow along with your business needs. Maybe you are a single trainer today, but who says you won’t own a small studio in a year or two? You can start small, but as you grow, the switch of the software will be one thing less to worry about.

And if you are a company at the moment, let your trainers try out a simple CRM designed for fitness professionals, without oodles of useless functions. We want you and your fellow-trainers to keep track of your clients’ progress and sessions without the extra effort of learning another complex software.

That’s it. Hope you like the new feature. If you want to take a look at and test 52C, sign up for the completely free 14-day trial.

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