Cathy PatalasCathy Patalas (@kapatalas) a�� the sports soul and the alleged specialist in words of The main 52C Blog writer. A graduate ofA�the English Department of the University of Wroclaw, majoring in applied linguistics. An ex-acrobat and aerobic gymnast with the 13-year long experience in a�ztraining for winninga�?. A multiple medallist of Poland nationals in acrobatic gymnastics, and academic nationals in aerobic gymnastics. A fan of gymnastics of every existing type. Personally, finds making everyday choices in a healthy lifestyle even more demanding a challenge than making everyday sacrifices in the athletea��s lifestyle.

Matt TarczynskiMatt Tarczynski (@matt_tarczynski) a�� the co-founder and CEO of A graduate of the University of Wroclaw, majoring in economics and political science. The captain and the brain of our team, and the self-appointed guinea-pig for our apps and projects. He wona��t offer you anything before he tests it on himself. A type of a well-organized organizer. A fan of simple apps for monitoring and analysing workout performance and progress. Displays a lasting affection for boxing, and a recent infatuation with kitesurfing. Hea��s not very keen on the word a�?trya�?.

Maciej Ciesla a�� the co-founder, CTO, and the main software developer of�A graduate of the University of Wroclaw, majoring in mathematics, a typical scientific mind. A real passionate professional with 15-year long experience in coding. No programming language has secrets from him a�� well, at least not for long. What clearly distinguishes Maciej from us, common people, is that: when for us something seems barely feasible a challenge, we would look at it with a growing sense of unease and doubt; he, at the same time, would have a steady glance at it, nod, and say: a�?All right. Wea��ll handle it.a�?

Kinga TarczynskaKinga Tarczynska (@kingatarczynska) a�� the chief graphic designer of and the artistic soul of our team. A graduate of Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design. Taking care of the graphic side of our apps and projects, she must face the challenge of combining aesthetics, simplicity, and convenience of use. Both an innate sense of aesthetics and the great attention to detail are the traits that make Kinga the right person in the right place. She admits shea��d like to display as much boundless enthusiasm and unshakeable motivation for regular exercises as she does for skiing.



Dawid PyraDawid Pyra a�� a professional personal trainer. A graduate of Wroclaw University of Physical Education, bodybuilding and biological regeneration instructor. A professional decathlonist with the 8-year long experience a�� a multiple medallist of Poland nationals in decathlon, the member of the national team and the Polish representative on international athleticsa�� arena. As a personal trainer, a promoter of the holistic approach considering proper motivation, nutrition, exercising, and regeneration equally important factors on the pursuit of defined goals. He sees the core of a well-arranged workout schedule in the adjustment to the personal needs and aims, as well as the individual capabilities and preferences. Read interview with Dawid

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