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5 mins

Is Stretching Worth Spending Your Time?

Whata��s the place of stretching in training? How important is it and how much time should be spent on it? What are the benefits of stretching with a trainera��s assistance? Here are some tidbits about stretching and several reasons why stretching really is worth spending your session time on. Fitness vs. fitness goals The two ...

7 mins

8 Exercises with a Towel You May Have Never Tried Before

You don’t have ANY gym equipment at home whatsoever? That’s not a problem at all, because there are plenty of exercises you can do usinga�� an ordinary towel (on a slippery floor). Here are 8 ideas on how you can tone up at home. Grab a pair of towels and stop making excuses! 1. TOWEL ...

6 mins

6 Moves to Strengthen Your Wrists & Avoid the Pain

We use our wrists in numerous exercises. But we usually seem to forget about the wrists themselves when it comes to strengthening. Thata��s why we often experience discomfort, soreness, or even pain in the wrist area when exercising, especially at the beginning of our fitness route. How to take a proper care of the wrists ...

6 mins

5 Mistakes You Make AFTER Workout

You may not be aware that some of the things you do, or dona��t do, after workout are bad for your body and general shape. They may also diminish your results. For the optimal training routine, you should pay attention also to what you do not only during, but also in between your training sessions. ...

6 mins

Proper Form or a�?How to Do It Righta�� Vol.1: Push-up

One of the most popular bodyweight exercises: simple and complex at the same time. Everyone knows how a perfect push-up should look like, yet not everyone does it right. The properly done push-up works our arms, shoulders, chest and, above all a�� the core. And all that without any equipment whatsoever. Here are some crucial ...

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