4 mins

Why You Should Find a Workout Partner

The path to our fitness goals is often not easy – full of challenges and sacrifices. Why should we try to go through it on our own? A motivational back-up is one of crucial factors on the way to achieving our goals. And no one will support and understand us better than the person who ...

3 mins

7 Reasons to Try Interval Training

The most popular type of interval training is probably HIIT. But you don’t have to work out with high intensity to work out within intervals. The timing system is great for shadow boxing, functional training, circuit training, and many others. What are seven main advantages of interval training that should definitely make you try it? ...

3 mins

Why You Should Video Record Your Workout

At first glance, that may sound like an odd idea. What’s the purpose of recording yourself working out? Well, actually that is a common practice in professional sports. The best athletes and coaches record workout performance to analyze it afterwards and use the knowledge for improvement. If that’s what the best do, why shouldn’t you? ...

3 mins

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Work?

New Year has come again, and again we’re making unlikely to keep New Year’s resolutions. Is the New Year a good time to start changing your lifestyle habits? Why is that the resolutions don’t usually work? What to do to actually make them work? Why the New Year – does the date actually help? At ...

5 mins

Why you should keep a workout journal?

The practice often applied in professional sports becomes more and more popular among those who work out for recreation. What is a workout journal? Who should keep the journal and what is the point of keeping it? What should be its contents? And how helpful can be such a practice in our workout? If you ...

3 mins

What does it mean to „be fit”?

The word “fit” is nowadays so frequently used that it got worn out and empty. Numerous workout and diet programs declare fitness as their main goal. But what does the fitness really account for? Does a complete definition of the word “fit” exist? Does the “fit” necessarily contain the words “slim”,or  “muscular”? The today’s workout ...

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