If you want to know something more about us a�� meet the team.
If you want to ask a question, or share an opinion a�� contact us.

What wea��re doing

Wea��re developing the software and app for personal trainers called 52C. Ita��s a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool which has been designed to help trainers conveniently and quickly collect,A�organize, and present all the data they need. Wea��re doing our best to make the app a real time-saver for all its users. We’re consulting fitness professionals of various specialties and interests who help us improve 52C, so that tracking phone it meets genuine needs of its users.

What we will do

Wea��ll give you some practical tips and interesting pieces of info on:

a�? growing your training business,
a�? expanding your training skills, and
a�? keeping your balance between professional and personal life.

Wea��ll combine our various experiences in business, technology, and fitness and share our conclusions.

Wea��ll provide you with some clever technological solutions which might help you achieve the goals you set for yourself both in work and in life.

What we wona��t do

We wona��t sell you miraculous solutions. We wona��t deny hard work is the key to success in any branch of life. We wona��t give you a universal receipt for success, because we dona��t believe there is one.
We wona��t recommend you to precisely follow our instructions. We wona��t teach you how to do your job, because we know that you know your job better than we do.

We only want to offer you a whole range of ideas of what can be changed and in what way one may change it. Some of these ideas will seem to you useful and helpful, others wona��t. Youa��ll decide what works best for you.

We wona��t change your lifestyle. We wona��t improve your business. It is only you who can do it.

Why we will do this

We came up with this idea because we feel that sticking to the rules of healthy lifestyle and pursuing fitness goals can be a real challenge a�� a challenge which many people cannot take up by themselves. The personal trainers are helping people on the way to success, but whoa��s going to help the personal trainers? We thought we might.

We believe the technology can change the way we exercise, eat healthy, and motivate ourselves, and others, to making better choices. The new technological solutions available nowadays allow us to plan, monitor, measure, and improve each step of our performance in a more efficient way.

Thanks to that, we can check on our progress, analyse russian women for marriage our scores, and control the process of self-improvement better than we ever could. We can also easily share our experiences with other people. This affects the way we motivate ourselves, and others, for new challenges.

In this project, not only do we learn many new things about fitness, business, and the fitness business, but also about ourselves. In this respect, we want you to treat this project the same way we do. If you feel you want to share some of your opinions or ideas with us, youa��re more than welcome to contact us.

What a a�?challengea�� means to us

There is a formula for the number of possible definitions of the word a�?challengea��. It goes like this: the number of people who have ever tried to define the word, times the number of circumstances that made each one of these people revise their definition. Simply speaking, the definitions are countless.

That is why we decided to share with you what a a�?challengea�� means to us. We believe that having known our definition of the word, youa��ll be able to understand better what this project is all about.

Conquering a mountain, winning championships, running a marathon, or losing sixty pounds in four months a�� thata��s what most people consider a challenge. Well, so do we (though we find the last one downright unhealthy). But this level of a challenge isna��t where our definition ends. In fact, the challenges we usually face start beyond that level.

Standing up every day a half an hour earlier to go jogging, going to work by bike instead by car, choosing an orange instead of candy when we crave for a sweet little something, setting every Thursday evening the a�?Gym Eveninga�� and actually sticking to the plan, not to give up a home exercising session when our muscles are a little sore after yesterdaya��s morning jogging, riding bike to work and the evening at the gym a�� these are the challenges most of us face nowadays.

Making your passion a carrier, being better at what you do every day, looking for new ways to motivate others to healthy living, and on top of that organizing your week so that you can find some time for yourself and your loved ones not only on weekends a�� thata��s what we happen to consider challenges, too!

And we consider them as demanding as the mountains, the championships, the marathonsa�� because requiring the same amount of regularity, perseverance, motivation, self-discipline, and sacrifice every single day.

Each week in a struggle for a healthier lifestyle consisting of such little challenges is one huge challenge.

And there are 52 weeks in a year. That makes 52 challengeshttps://domyhomework.pro/ each year. Huge challenges a�� worth striving for.

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